Q: Is Lorenzo a real cat or is he stuffed?
A: As his chief litter-box cleaner can attest, he is a real cat.

Q: Do you put him on tranquilizers when he does the photo shoots?
A: Absolutely not. However, at times Joann Biondi feels as if she should be on tranquilizers because it takes infinite patience to work with a cat.

Q: Where do you get the clothes?
A: They are hand-sewn by Mr. Luigi, Lorenzo’s personal tailor who
lives in Tuscany.

Q: What is a typical photo session with Lorenzo like?
A: A photo session can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.
Although Lorenzo enjoys posing, he is still a cat, which means that during
a shoot he often wants to chase lizards, tear down backdrops, groom his tail,
or take a nap.

Q: Does Lorenzo make public appearances?
A: Rarely. He’s more like an old-fashioned movie star who shuns the
paparazzi. He’s also very shy.

Is Lorenzo available for stud service?
A: Although we were once offered lots-o-bucks by a crazy woman in Los
Angeles who wanted to mate her female Maine coon, Lorenzo is not available
for breeding—he’s been fixed. Darn!